My name is Colin Dunkle, I will be a senior at Canisius College this fall and I intern at Buffalo Rising, which is an online journalism company. As part of my internship, I write articles for the website and for social media posts. Along with this, I reach out to photographers to request permission to use their photos if needed for any article/post. Also, I attend daily meetings on Monday through Friday at 9:30am and in these meetings I pitch ideas to my editors and work with other writers on ideas. 

When I first started I honestly didn’t know how this experience would be because I’ve never interned anywhere. I worried about messing up and had a lot of self doubt about my skills as a writer. I assume this is the experience that most of us have as we get out into the “real world” and become adults with more responsibilities than ever. However, as I’ve progressed through this experience I’ve gained confidence in my writing and gained a lot of experience working with editors.

I anticipated it would be a lot harder to find which topics I would write about but my editors helped me to find core topics and then I expanded on those ideas. I mainly write about local musicians and what they are doing/releasing but I also write some pieces for Buffalo By The Numbers, which is a statistics based article series. The environment of the job is great and all my bosses and coworkers are always willing to help me if I don’t know what something is. I always heard how internships taught you a lot but I didn’t expect to as much as I already have, it’s truly incredible.


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