Over the course of the semester, this internship has taught me a lot. More so involving things I haven’t known before about myself. Learning that the importance of interaction with others in order to contribute to one outcome can change the momentum of a project. If you try to take on a project that you feel is too heavy for you but don’t want to seem like you can’t carry your weight, it is important to ask for help. Many people know more than me when it comes to editing. This experience has humbled me when it comes to deadlines and editing. I have learned that not everything is going to be gold. Many clients have an idea of what they want to be created for them but sometimes the communication isn’t there to achieve that goal. Often there is a beautiful creation made but they’ll say it wasn’t what they wanted. These trials have taught me to save everything I create. The internship also taught me about patience when working with clients. I’ve enjoyed my team at Bean media; they made me feel like I was part of the team immediately. They seemed to be interested in what I wanted to achieve and the goals I wanted to accomplish there. Matt tried to teach me AfterEffects and a couple of quick tips when it comes to editing that I really appreciate. I hope they all do well. Hoping we can stay in contact.