Hi everyone! I am wrapping up my internship at WNED | WBFO as their Social Media Intern. It has been quite the semester of new learning experiences. I have gained a lot of knowledge of the tasks, responsibilities, and projects of a Social Media Coordinator. This kind of position holds a great deal of responsibility since they are in charge of representing the company. They are putting content out for the public to see and react to while always being mindful of the organization’s best interests. Another new skill I learned during my time at WNED | WBFO is what goes into a rebranding of a company. WNED rebranded their whole organization earlier in the semester and I got to help be a part of that process on the social media end. I did not realize the amount of effort that each job title held with rebranding. It was not just one person holding all of the responsibility, but instead a team effort from everyone in the corporate communications department. One more learning experience at my internship was the adjustment to change. I had to adjust to continuing my internship at home. I learned that parts of the adjustment were more challenging than others. Since I am the social media intern, all of my tasks were on the computer so when I had to switch from working at home my work didn’t change, but the setting did. Adjusting to continuing my internship at my house was hard at first but I eventually found a routine that made completing tasks and communicating with my supervisor easier. I gained a lot of new knowledge at my internship at WNED | WBFO and I am happy to have had the internship there.