Wow. What a semester! This has been the most odd and chaotic time of my college career, however, I have learned more in these past few months than I have in the previous years. My time at WNED/WBFO has taught me so much about the industry, work environment, office etiquette, as well as taught me about my abilities as a graphic designer, my strengths, weaknesses, and my improvement on taking criticism from my higher-ups.

Being a part of WNED/WBFO has been such an awesome experience. I felt that I joined the Corporate Communications team at the right moment, which was during their Brand Refresh. This enormous rebranding project has given me the work that was necessary to help me grow and improve on my skills. The projects and assignments that came out of this experience are beyond what I would have expected as an intern. I was lucky enough to be trusted to work on my own with my creative abilities to design and create logos, ads, banners, posters, web headers, signage, proposals, and so much more. I wasn’t just a stereotypical intern grabbing coffees and doing loose-end jobs around the office.

It’s unfortunate that the COVID-19 Pandemic has affected a lot of the events and learning/networking opportunities that I and the other interns were looking forward to. However, for the interns, including myself, who were able to continue their internships from home, this was a great experience in learning to properly and professionally work from home. I have worked from home at a previous internship but I learned from my supervisor that he and his team have never worked from home before. It was nice to have that experience under my belt already in order to provide ease to my team and show them that I can still work effectively from the comfort of my house.

Quite honestly, I am sad that the semester is ending this way. Never would I have thought that this is how my last semester would end. And I understand that every senior graduating is in the same boat so I am not alone, but it still breaks my heart to know that millions have worked so hard up until this point to not get to walk across that stage. Although this semester didn’t go as planned, I don’t regret anything and am so grateful for all the experiences and memories that came out of this internship. This has only made me more prepared to go into the “real world” and tackle any obstacle that’ll come my way. And I wish my fellow interns/classmates and Class of 2020 all the best of luck.