Don’t be sad that it’s over, be glad that it happened. That’s what I’m taking away from this whole situation.

Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, my time interning with the sports department at WIVB-TV was suspended March 15. I had a somewhat sense that the internship was going to end soon from the time we finished our St. Joe’s lacrosse package on March 13 and by the end of the next day yet it was still disappointing to get that phone call. But this was truly a great experience to have and another goal I was able to accomplish. Interning at a local TV station was a goal I wanted to throw my hat in the ring for the past three years.

Before things ended, I was able to complete two packages while I was there at Channel 4 – the St. Joe’s package and a one on the Buffalo Beauts women’s hockey team. Creating a couple packages was one of the goals I had set at the start of the semester. Going through the process of filming and editing the packages together made me more comfortable doing these. Whether it’s on my own for a while once the pandemic ends or if I end up at a TV station, depending on which route I go, I believe I’ll have more confidence creating these because of the different tips I received from the sports department.

The other part I appreciated was that there was something for me to do every time I went. Whether it was shadowing how to cover a UB Bulls men’s basketball game before, during and after the final buzzer or creating a mock lead for Sabres content and picking which sound bites from the morning practice, I felt like I was one of the staff as everybody seemed to have their own project to work on, whether for on air or on their website.

As I move forward after college and hopefully find a way into the field, I think this internship left a lot for me to carry on with. Not just what to do on the job but also how to treat other people and each other, which is huge. Everybody’s on the same team to produce the same product so it’s important to be kind and genuine towards each other.

While I’m saddened that I’m now only mere days away from graduating, I am grateful to have had opportunities like my time at WIVB-TV through the Canisius College Communication Department.

For a kid who watched so many great broadcasters (not just sports) on all three stations in Buffalo since first grade, the old Bob Hope phrase, “Thanks for the memories” is the best way I can describe my 10 weeks at the station and my four years at Canisius College.

Be well and Go Griffs!