As I wrap up my last week at my internship, I can’t help but feel nervous for what the future has in store. This last semester I was working at my internship full-time to earn 12 credit hours. This has given me a routine and a sense of normalcy during such a hectic time in the world. Now, leaving my internship and Canisius, I know I will be faced with a big adjustment!

I could not have picked a better place to gain work experience. Councilmember Joel Feroleto and his staff were so helpful and taught me so much during my time at city hall. I actually benefited more than I thought from starting there in a very basic role and then advancing my work load. I was able to be comfortable and more confident in my work which helped me produce better ideas and actually feel like a part of the team.

I am very grateful for this internship seminar and my time here at Canisius! I wish all of the seniors good luck after classes end.