My time at the SPCA was cut short, but it was still a really great experience. I was able to learn new things about non-profits, which I am really interested in. It was really interesting to see how the office reacted to the pandemic and switched to remote working. I was unable to finish my internship on site because I mainly assisted with event planning and implementation. I was fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to complete some assignments that are similar to what I wanted to do at the SPCA. Since I follow their social media pages, I was able to follow along with animals that have been adopted. I was able to write a press release about how at one point all the dogs and cats in the shelter had been adopted . I wrote a feature story on a turtle who was adopted after about 100 days. These were really fun to write because I felt like I was there to enjoy those victories, and also because I care about the animals.

After graduation I am attending Graduate School at Canisius for the Higher Education Student Affairs and Administration Program. I am fortunate enough to have a Graduate Assistantship. I decided that one of my assignments would be related to that field that I’m going into and I developed a communications plan for a hypothetical event.

As a senior, I am realizing how fortunate I am to be a member of the communication department. Without it, I wouldn’t have had these great internship experiences. It has truly helped shape me into a young professional who’s ready for the next step.