The time to reflect on my internship has arrived, and it’s more somber than I expected. As we’re all aware, the COVID-19 crisis has caused a lot of changes to our lives. I’m one of the unlucky participants whose internship had to be brought to an untimely end due to it. As Squeaky Wheel works hands-on with the community, if they aren’t able to be in contact, they can’t carry out their business. 

However, I still spent a month and a half at Squeaky Wheel. Overall, it’s disappointing my internship ended so early. A lot of what I was going to be doing there was planning the showcase event for the Saturday Cafe program’s project. However, the children and I at the time of termination were in a sort of experimental space. They were learning skills crucial to know before making their final pieces for the showcase, and I was learning skills crucial to working at Squeaky Wheel. In general, a lot of Squeaky Wheel’s initiatives thrive off video knowledge and video production/effects. They were helping me build familiarity with things like Vimeo, different kinds of cameras, and grants. 

In the later parts of March and April I was going to apply what I know about Event Planning mashed together with their skills of electronic arts. We never got to this point due the pandemic. I still will have the skills of photography I gained. I learned a ton about camera usage and photography from this internship. My work was even featured on their Saturday Cafe Instagram page. I also met people who crossed over into theater there. Kevin showed care for me in a way I couldn’t have been happier about. He listened to me and wanted to see me improve while taking in my dreams of theatre and stagecraft even if they didn’t match up perfectly with my work there. I’ll miss that.