Hi, again Communication Studies Blog!

I am currently finishing up my internship as a Development & Events Intern at Make-A-Wish WNY. As you know, this semester ended up ending a bit unconventionally, and I am currently completing the duration of my internship online, completing tasks for the Wish Granting Department at the organization.

Interning at Make-A-Wish was a great look into the world of nonprofits, and really allowed me to gain a great understanding of how nonprofits function and what exactly the role of a Development department is.

Despite the fact that the “When Stars Align” gala was canceled, the auction items whose descriptions I spent the build of my internship writing are still going live to be bid on tonight at 8:00pm.

I am so grateful to have completed the internships I have throughout my time as an undergrad in the communication department and will miss my program and the Professors greatly.

Have a great & healthy summer, everyone!