I have now had quite a few shifts at Journey’s End and I have just recently started working with another group of students. These folks are significantly older than I rather than peers, and I have found that it is just as fun but in a slightly different way. My only concern was about any feelings students would possibly have about being taught by someone in college, but no issue has presented itself. Today, we tested our currency comprehension, I was playing the cashier at a supermarket and they were practicing using USD, we had a really fun time! The purpose of this and playing “go fish” which we also did today is to become familiar with the phrases “do you have any” and “no I don’t”. I have found that these games really help solidify the information, so they are not just words in a list on a page. I have felt so comfortable, and I give a lot of that credit to my supervisors. They have made me feel very able to make my own decisions in my teachings, and it is very fulfilling to have good relationships with the students, as they have all been lovely people;I hope we can continue to teach each other. This also gives me even more fuel and passion to better the situations of refugees; it is a very, very challenging situation to be in, and their positive attitudes are incredible.