Hello, I’m Brian Boyd a student at Canisius College and an amateur game designer. I am currently interning at the Buffalo Game Space! The Buffalo Game Space is an area for small game developers to create games and cooperate with other developers. There are frequently events that are open to the public for people to show off their games, get help from accomplished game developers, and to help people learn the trade.

My main day to day responsibility is to work on two game projects: my main game which I don’t want to talk about too much on a public forum yet (sorry), and a VR tech demo. I come in on Tuesdays and Thursdays and work for around 4-5 hours on my projects. Working on these projects requires me to use many different programs for the various assets in the games. Most of my time will be on Photoshop and Maya, but I will also need to use in-design, Unity and Blender.

My other responsibility is helping out with “Project Night”. Project Night takes place every Tuesday night starting around 6pm. People come in and showcase the games they’ve been working on, and everyone play tests each-others games and or gives criticism. When requested I help set up the area for project night and attend the event.