Hello everyone! My name is Chloe and I am interning at the SPCA this semester. So far I have been putting together a list of contacts to mail and e mail about our upcoming events. I have also packaged letters to recipients to ask if they would like to participate in our two large events, which are Wine and Wags and Paws in the Park. I have also been able to assist with transports, which are when dogs are brought to us and we have to put them in the holding kennels. There were four puppies and I got to be the first face he saw in Buffalo. It was a very wholesome experience. 

I was a little nervous before starting at my internship. The facility is so large and I have had about four tours and I get lost sometimes. I was also very excited. I love the SPCA and I think it’s an incredible non profit organization. I really enjoy the culture at my internship. Everyone is very welcoming, and my supervisor is always teaching me something. She has had a lot of experience in event planning in the non profit world so she’s always giving me helpful tips. There is also another intern, and he’s a bit “catty.” His name is Jeffrey and he is pictured below. He is also available for adoption, if anyone is interested!