Hello, my name is Paul Knight, I am currently interning at Bean Media Productions. I am the man sitting in the middle of the photo, My job as an intern is to help Matt (the man in the blue) with video editing. later on, I will be tagging along for the filming of the interviews we do there and learning how groups work together on a project for the client. After the first interview with the Bean media team, I was excited about going into the internship because they seem very welcoming, understanding, and willing to help interns a lot. I felt like they weren’t just going to push me to the side give me an assignment and forget about me. It was more, “what do you know? What do you want to know? And how can we help you get there?” Settling in went very well; I have my own desk where I work next to Matt and we share ideas when working on projects. I get a welcoming family vibe from everyone in the office.