Hello everyone! I am interning at WNED | WBFO as their Social Media Intern. It has been a few weeks now since I started and I have already taken on a few tasks. WNED | WBFO are currently in the process of rebranding WNED- TV. I have been assigned to audit their website and take note of any hyperlinks that link to their social media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube). This will make it easier for their team to switch out the old hyperlinks with new ones after the rebranding process is officially done. I am using Excel Spreadsheet to take note of the hyperlinks that I find in their website. Another task that I am currently working on is looking at other broadcasting stations’ social media platforms. I use an Excel Spreadsheet for this as well to record how frequently a broadcasting station will post in a day or even on a weekend. I also look at what posts get the most engagement and the least engagement. From doing this, it will help better see other broadcasting stations’ presence on social media and ways to improve WNED | WBFO’s social media presence. I am enjoying my internship so far and am excited to take on even more tasks and learn along the way!