Headshot taken for their site found here: https://abbeymecca.com/meet-design-intern-aaron-clift/

This semester, I am a design intern at Abbey Mecca which is a small marketing agency located in the historic Cobblestone District in downtown Buffalo. The first couple of weeks here have been fun, and I hope that continues on.
Going into it I wasn’t super nervous for the tasks about to be at hand, as I had interned over the summer at the Elmwood Village Association, but more nervous about the work environment. Needless to say, I’m pretty comfortable here now and enjoy the small comfy workplace and the people in it.
My main responsibility is working on designs for their various clients, but I have a lot of other stuff mixed in. Even though its only been a couple weeks, I have already been put on a variety of projects including newsletters, WordPress websites, magazine covers, hats, video editing, and even a little bit of social media. The mix of things I’ve been getting here is super enjoyable and I like being able to come into work not really expecting what my projects for the day might be. I’m excited for what the rest of this internship might hold and can’t wait for some of the projects that might come next!