Hello! My name is Claire Bingaman and I’m a Communication Studies major with a minor in Theatre. My main passion other than crying over how cute dogs are is theatre. To be honest, it’s almost an aggressive quality about me but I think it’s super important to have something your passionate about. I’m President of Little Theatre (the theatre club on campus) as well as the Social Chair of Phi Sigma Sigma. Canisius College is my home and Buffalo is a new found place for me to adore. I grew up in State College, PA so traveling to New York seemed scary, but Buffalo is a miraculous city and I couldn’t have asked for a better college and major department.

Coming to Buffalo, I wasn’t familiar with any of the local businesses. To find a place to intern that suited my interests along with matching my concentration of media seemed to be challenging. Luckily, I was brought to Squeaky Wheel. Squeaky Wheel is a Arts and Media center where they provide equipment, support, and education for graphic design and film artists. I specifically am their Arts Education intern. I’m helping their Saturday Cafe program in their exhibition planning along with researching good places to shoot footage and people to interview. I believe I will also be learning their social media techniques.

I was nervous as I don’t have a lot of experience in film production. I was worried leading up to my first day that this would inhibit me. It didn’t at all. Let me brag about my supervisor Kevin Kline. Kevin immediately took care into my interests and goals before I was even offered a position there. He also makes sure to point out connections between things I know a lot about (see: theatre) to things I may not know as much about (see: experimental filmmaking). The office environment is relaxed and everyone is very accepting. Any ideas or thoughts I may have are respected. I had yet to work in a place where I’ve felt like I was seen as more than someone just doing a job, but you get that feeling here.

I’m excited to see more of what the Saturday Cafe creators have to offer. I feel honored that I get to work with such a talented group of students. It’s clear that everyone who works there has care for every student and the people working there.