Hello readers! My name is Drew Garrett and I’m a TV Production intern at WNED | WBFO. The picture that I’ve included actually isn’t of me and that’s because I was behind the camera! At the shoot that’s pictured, one of my tasks was to take production images for the website. It’s almost like a teaser that’s used on the website to show that we’re in the process of making new content.

This is only one of my responsibilities. The majority of the time I’m at the WNED office, I’m logging and organizing footage. This means that I go through all the clips that we shoot and give a brief description on what happens in them so that when we go back to edit, we don’t have to watch each individual clip. I’m also in the process of developing a web-episode of the show Making Buffalo Home, with the other TV Production intern. We’re in charge of shooting, producing, and editing, with the oversight of our supervisor, Lynne Bader. I’ve also gone out on shoots with Lynne doing larger scale projects, as a production assistant. For example, in the image above, I helped set up the lighting for this shot.

Overall, I would say that I’m settling into my internship well. It seems like every day there’s something new going on with a new challenge to tackle, which keeps me on my toes. Lynne is a very professional person to work for, and definitely isn’t afraid to point out when you don’t frame a shot up correctly. She’s also a person that’s very supportive and open to ideas. So far she’s been stressing the importance of “run and gun” DSLR shooting, making sure that we walk away with enough material to work with. Everyone I’ve met at WNED so far has been incredibly welcoming and kind. The biggest thing I’ve learned at this internship so far is that the small things in the process, like logging, are just as important as the bigger aspects like editing, because they ensure that the workflow goes smoothly.

Looking forward to learning more at WNED and expanding my production skill set!