Hello, Again Communication Studies Blog! 

I recently attended a great networking event through the organization Western New York Nonprofit Professionals. I joined this organization this semester along with my friend and Communication Studies Alum Jessica McKay ‘17. Jessie serves on the board of the organization, whose mission is “YNPN Greater Buffalo strengthens the nonprofit community by serving as an inclusive and innovative resource for networking and growth to empower young professionals.” This mission really spoke with me and I wanted a chance to be able to network with young professionals as I get ready to graduate this year. I have already been able to attend quite a few events with the group that have involved networking that I really enjoyed. 

The event I attended was YNPNs Cover Letter & Networking workshop on October 24th from 5-8pm. The event was held at Buffalo Distilling Company, and one half of the evening was a workshop on cover letters from a woman who works in career services at Niagara University (Niagara’s ‘Griff Center’). She provided some really helpful tips and was able to share some great insight with everyone which was much needed as I am looking to apply for a Spring internship soon. 

After the workshop portion was over, there was a networking portion of the evening. I was able to talk with two women from Make-A-Wish about their Events & Development Internship which may be opening up in the Spring, as well as a variety of other people working in nonprofits, and a few people working in other sectors that were looking to make the transition into non-profit careers. It operated pretty casually, with people sitting at different tables and joining different conversations and introducing themselves. I was able to follow up with one of the women from Make-A-Wish after we exchanged contact information about the possible internship opportunity!