I had my final official day of being an intern at The W Spa today! I had a great time interning here and fortunately, I’ll be staying at The W Spa on their marketing team part time! I’m very excited to stay because I really enjoy the work I do here. I have a significant amount of creative freedom and the atmosphere is relaxing, supportive, and fun.

This past semester I set a goal for myself of having more writing samples I am proud of. I started a blog series where I experiences “firsts” in the spa world and I wrote about them for our website. It was very fun for me and although our blogs aren’t the most popular thing about our spa, I got a good amount of response on them.

I also have been in charge of running our Instagram account since September. In doing so, I’ve learned a lot about the analytics of Instagram and using that info to our business’s advantage. The only goal I did not achieve was shadowing our photographer, but since I am staying on, I have time to achieve this goal and set more!