As my internship at Mr. Smith comes to an end, I am reflecting upon the goals I originally set for myself as I entered into my role as a Digital Marketing Intern with the company.  I am proud to say that I was able to accomplish many of the goals I set forth for myself. My supervisor Collin entrusted me with a lot of responsibility and allowed me to see some really unique projects through, from starting a Google AdWords campaign from soup to nuts to writing content one of their account’s websites-this is something that I had always wanted to learn more about but never imagined I would be doing in the intern capacity. Some highlights of my internship at Mr. Smith aside from my Google AdWords campaign are:

-Uploading Youtube videos for an account and optimizing for SEO

-Writing blog posts & e-books

-Updating brand copy on a website

& more!

This internship has really challenged me to take on some big responsibilities and has challenged me in many ways-the benefits to working at Mr. Smith have been phenomenal, from the professional connections I have been able to make, to the writing I have been able to have published on different companies websites, and things I have been able to learn.

Overall, I would rate the experience a 10/10! I loved the dedicated and intelligent team at Mr. Smith, along with learning about the operations of a small advertising agency. I am honored to have gotten the chance to work at Mr. Smith for the semester and plan to carry and apply my newly minted knowledge into my Spring internship!