Interning at Lemur Studios was incredibly beneficial for me. I always left every time feeling like I did something worthwhile to help them complete their projects on time. A majority of my time at Lemur involved helping my advisors, Jordan and Tyler, edit videos that they had shot themselves or that I was present for, and I was always so excited to join them in their shoots because it was so interesting to see how they set up their film gear. Going into this internship, I had no idea just how much equipment was involved in the creation of a professionally shot 3 minute video! Not only do you need a camera, shotgun microphone, tripod, and light kit, but you also need multiple lights (for a three-point lighting set up), boom mic with windshield, multiple lavaliers, multiple tripods, a monitor that connects to the cameras so you can see your shot better, sandbags to make sure the tripods don’t fall over, backdrops, reflectors, colorful tape, large bins to hold/transport everything, and so much more! It all depends on the type of video you’re filming. 

My initial goals for this internship were to learn more about Adobe Premiere in a professional setting, to be able to organize long interview clips in post and recognize the best sound bites, to gain first-hand experience in professional film set ups, and to connect with new people while on video shoots. With editing videos in Premiere, I’ve learned so much that I wouldn’t have known about otherwise, especially working with different types of cameras with various settings that affect the way you edit the clips. I was able to edit multiple videos where Jordan interviewed filmmakers from the 48 hour film project and did interviews for corporate/business videos, so not only was I able to see what sound bites would be best to use, but I was also able to learn more and see some behind the scenes regarding the 48 hour film project and various organizations around Buffalo that work to make our community better! 

Overall, I would rate my experience at Lemur Studios as 9.5/10, as I will definitely be able to use the knowledge I gained here for future opportunities; however, I wish I was able to go to more shoots with them. Luckily, I was able to join them on four shoots throughout the semester, but it was sometimes difficult to match my schedule to theirs. I would definitely recommend looking into this internship if you’re interested in learning more about video editing, more about marketing, and operating film equipment.