My internship this semester was at Kaleida Health in their human resources department. I have been with the company since June of 2019, but my internship started in September. I have enjoyed working here and have met so many wonderful people. When I started with this internship, I wanted to gain more experience in the recruitment field. I did just that! I was able to sit with the different recruiters each day and conduct hands-on interviews, call candidates, phone screen candidates, review resumes and cover letters, etc. I have continued to broaden my knowledge of all the software and applications Kaleida uses along with other major companies. I have worked with Lawson, Kronos and BrassRing which can be confusing sometimes so I am lucky to already have some knowledge on the app. There have been roles given to me that I am put in charge of and I liked it. It helped me each day look forward to accomplishing tasks and I do better when I have written goals for myself. Not only did I learn a lot about recruitment through this internship, but I also was able to help out in the labor relations department when they needed assistance for a few weeks. Going into it, I was not very excited as labor relations doesn’t provoke my interests. However, learning about labor relations did allow me to learn more about human resources as a whole. Specifically, I would not be opposed to working as a human resources generalist or starting as one and then transitioning into a recruiter. I will continue working here most likely until graduation (May 2020). I am truly so grateful for this internship experience because in the human resources field to get a great job you must have a lot of experience. To be exact, many jobs that I am interested in usually require 3-5 years of experience in human resources which is hard to do when you are just graduating. These internships that I have completed during my time at Canisius have helped me grow tremendously and encouraged me to pursue a career in human resources.