I attended an informational table held by Geico Careers. This event was on Tuesday, December 3rd and was located in the Horan O’Donnell building on Canisius campus. Going into this event, I did not know what to expect and was surprised when I got there. I thought it was going to be bigger with more people but it was actually a smaller information table. I spoke with the three people that were representatives for this organization and they gave some very insightful information. One of the people who I spoke to was Taylor Beatty, who is a regional campus recruiter. He spoke a lot about how they look for students who are right out of college and who are looking for a job. Something that I found out that was useful to me was that they have offices in New jersey that is not too far from where I live so if I wanted to apply, I could pursue this option while living at home. This experience was very helpful and I am glad I attended. Now that I have one small event like this under my belt, I will be open to attending more informational sessions and events like this in the future.