I am happy with what I accomplished at Gelia this semester. The experience turned out to be very different than what I had imagined before the internship began. It went better than I imagined. I was incredibly nervous to begin the internship but I soon realized that everyone at Gelia wanted to help me succeed. I was worried that I would feel intimidated, stressed and overwhelmed but within the first few weeks I realized that my supervisor was not going to give me tasks I couldn’t handle. Throughout the semester I was able to get experience with press release writing, social media writing, copywriting, metrics reporting and ad design. I even drafted a LinkedIn InMail message for Dana Incorporated (one of Gelia’s biggest clients.) This internship really helped build my portfolio and resume. I think the experiences I had at Gelia will definitely help me land my first job. I am confident that because of the work I have done for Gelia (as shown in my portfolio) I will have a lot to talk about in future interviews. Most importantly, I think the people I met will definitely be life-long connections for me. I am really looking forward to maintaining the connections I made through Erin. I would rate this experience a 10/10.