When I joined Buffalo Game Space as part of my internship, I was excited and happy that I was going to be able to design a game by myself. Although I have designed games in the past, I wanted to see what it would be like if the training wheels came off and I had to go through the whole process without using my professor’s directions and code as guidance.

I had three goals when starting my internship. First, I wanted to gain experience with the software and tools used by game designers. Second, I wanted to learn how to organize my files so I can develop a system that makes sense to me and others. Third, I wanted to end the internship with an original game that I could add to my portfolio.

My internship at Buffalo Game Space was successful in regards to immersing myself into the world of a game designer. I got to know how hard Unity can be to code. I did not realize before how there are so many different ways to code the same actions. This makes it so that if I choose to follow another creator, his line of code will most likely not match the variables used by other creators and cause compiling errors. My mentor did help me sort through these roadblocks, and I feel more capable of finding and fixing errors in my code. In regards to managing my files, I wanted to learn how to use Source Control Management so many people could edit the source files at the same time, but since I was working alone and my new laptop was giving me trouble with the website, I was not able to link them correctly. It is something I want to learn in the future for projects that require teamwork. Lastly, I am still working on my game and I believe I am close to finishing it, but I will work on it on my spare time to get it polished enough to be in my portfolio.

Moving forward, this was a great experience to test the waters and reaffirm my believes that I want to design games in the future.