I have just over 4 days of coming into my internship before I graduate, I look back at all the different opportunities I was able to access, both the expected and unexpected. This internship was full of the unexpected, unexpected highs and lows. I was able to get paid and work on a professional commercial, and I’ve also learned alot about what I need to improve about myself and my character. I think what I’ve learned about myself and how to act like a professional, as opposed to just being one, will be forever more valuable to me than any skill or technical knowledge will. My goals were broad as I entered the semester knowing I would gain very specific experiences and that is exactly what I did. Being able to work in professional environments alongside well experienced pros allowed me to learn a wide variety of production technical stuff, as well as some of the bigger picture aspects of the commercial film industry. I am very happy with what I learned, but can only say that I wish I did this internship earlier in my college career, as I know I still have much to learn in my field.