After about three and a half months as a special events intern at Roswell Park’s Alliance Foundation, my time there is coming to a close. For now.

While working there I have spent my time researching and reaching out to bicycle shops around the country, schools around the state, and police and fire stations for events like the Empire State Ride, Goin’ Bald for Bucks, and No Shave November. All of those events raise money for cancer research.

I have also attended events like All Star Night, the Ride VIP Breakfast, and Roswell’s first annual Giving Day. I am grateful to have played a part in planning and facilitating those events.

As I was starting my internship, my goals were to become as familiar with Microsoft Excel as I can, be a reliable employee, make strong connections with other employees, and play a role in planning and facilitating all of the events.

I have accomplished all of those goals, as I have become much better at using excel, I completed all of the tasks I was given efficiently, I’ve gotten to know my coworkers and even some of the donors, and I played a role in planning at least five events.

I really enjoyed working with an organization that is such an important part of the WNY community. It has inspired me to continue working for companies with a strong local connection. I also plan to continue to volunteer for Roswell in the future.