I attended the 3D printing networking event located at The Foundry. This event took place on November 18, 2019. There were plenty of people who wanted to know more about 3D printing, others who brought in their broken 3D printers and lastly, people who presented their work and spoke about how they did it. I met lots of young men and women, (majority men) who really enjoyed the technology and art work behind 3D printing. There was this particular young man, who had just gained promising passion for 3D printing. Though he did not want to make it as a career, he believed it was a beautiful hobby to get into. I benefited from this experience because this was the first networking event that I have ever attended and it allowed me to be open about my hobbies and become more social. I appreciated this event more than ever because I was nervous to attend. Before going to this event, I asked several of my friends if they would be willing to attend this event with me and I got turned down by all of them! Eventually, I realized that I cannot miss this event and that I would have to come out of my shell and socialize with complete strangers. It all worked out in the end because this benefited my social skills and brought up potential hobbies. This networking event was generally fun and I would attend many others just like this one!