Last Thursday, I attended a networking event at New Era Cap with some of my classmates. This was such an awesome event! We started to a tour of the facility from the company’s historian, Jim. We learned about where the company started, and how it became what it is now (the official brand of the MLB, NBA, & NFL!!)

We also learned about how the building used to be a bank. We got to go inside the vault (used now as a photo studio) and learn about the security of the building. The glass windows and doors are completely bullet proof and it would be impossible to drive your car into the building.

Next, the networking began! We sat in a room where they asked us not to take any photos because the product on the walls was unreleased merchandise. Each professional (there were 5) gave us some insight about their job and how they got to where they are now. Two of the professionals we met with are on the international business team, one is the social media manager, one is in HR, and the last professional is a creative concepts manager. Listening to each of them speak was extremely insightful and interesting.

After the panel, we were brought into another room where we got the chance to actually network, have wholesome conversations, ask questions, and snack on the BEST cookies ever! This was a really fun event and I truthfully got a lot out of it. It was so awesome how willing these professionals were to take the time out of their day and talk to us!