Hi Everyone! My name is Rebecca and I am a current Senior in the Communication Studies Department. This semester, I am a Digital Marketing Intern at Mr. Smith Agency in Downtown Buffalo. This internship is really pushing me out of my comfort zone and has been a really unique experience because of how much it matches up with work I have done in classes at Canisius. Last semester I took a new Marketing course that the Business School was offering, which covered Search Engine Optimization, as well as Pay per Click, Google Ads, etc. The class was extremely interactive and provided us with a lot of valuable skills that could be transferred to the real world, including a Google Analytics certification test that we had to take and pass to complete the course!  This class really sparked my interest in Digital Marketing, so when it came to looking for an internship this Fall, I knew that was the area I wanted to work in.

I started as a Digital Marketing Intern at Mr. Smith, a digital branding agency located in Downtown Buffalo (conveniently right next door to my favorite Buffalo coffee shop, Public Espresso!). In my role, I will be studying website conversion paths, digital display, and social media data to inform future marketing decisions for the agency’s clients.

The outside of my office! I am lucky it is so close to one of my favorite local coffee shops, Public Espresso!

Leading up to starting at Mr. Smith, I was excited because I spent my summer interning with Eric Mower + Associates. I had an amazing experience and met so many talented people-Mower is a bigger agency, with many different locations across the US and a lot of cross-office collaboration. I have been looking forward to starting at Mr. Smith to be able to compare my experience at a bigger agency to one at a smaller one and am looking forward to understanding their structure, etc.

Thus far, I am settling in well. The office at Mr. Smith is beautiful, and everyone has been very welcoming!