For this Fall 2019 semester, I am interning at a commercial film production and post-production studio called D-Post that is based out of downtown Buffalo. This company specializes in commercial film production, as well as post-production and finishing projects that are brought to them. As of recently, the company has been working on music videos and long-form commercials, and independent film projects. The company has a variety of workspaces and staff for different parts of every production; motion graphics, 3D design, 2D design, editors, color-graders, producers, directors, equipment and location managers, etc. 

As an Intern, I will be working predominantly with the post-production editors and being mentored by them. However, I will also be assigned personal projects and assignments to go out and shoot projects for the company on my own, and most likely will edit them on my own. I will also be assisting any in-house production/filming sessions. When I started Tuesday, I was given an introduction to everyone and went right into helping the studio manager set up lighting for an upcoming shoot in their main studio. Basically lifting 30 pounds lights that are worth more than a semester of college into a ladder and hanging them from the ceiling. On Thursday I’ll be able to get my hands on their company cameras and lens, which are even more expensive. I am super geeked to get to all this equipment while under professional guidance.