Autumn is definitely in full swing, with everything being pumpkin flavored, the Mayer Brothers Cider Mill open, and that heavenly fall spell that is in the air! With Autumn comes school, and this semester, it also comes with an internship.

My Office Space

Hi, my name is Tessa Jermy. I am a Senior at Canisius, this being my last semester (yikes, scary!) and I intend on receiving a degree in Communication Studies with an English minor.

I am interning at Ronco, a business telecommunications company, as a marketing intern. I work under Liz, who is an amazing mentor and boss, and beside Emmi, who is a DMA wiz. This two powerful women couldn’t be more awesome, which makes me pretty anxious to work beside them. I was lucky enough to intern with them over the summer, just helping to edit content they create and convert their old logo to a new one, nothing particularly taxing or hard to do. Being able to ease into working with them for two months definitely helped to eliminate a lot of stress and anxiety. Now, however, all I feel is anticipation.

Ronco is a complex company, and as such, I needed time to understand and get a feel for it. Now that I have had some time working in the company, I am starting more complex and interesting tasks. This is both scary and exciting, as I am being given more responsibility that can directly affect the company’s image.

So this semester, I will be helping create collateral for Ronco. This can be website copy, or blogs, or line cards – many things will be created. I will also be trying my hand at generating leads. Learning a new application, like CRM, I will be generating and following leads and creation of them. I will also be conducting customer satisfaction surveys, or CSATs. I also know I will be sitting in on many meetings, one of which is a weekly meeting between Marketing and the CEO of Ronco!

I hope in general to get more comfortable with professional talk in the workplace. That is, learning how to navigate through tricky waters. Also, just being able to talk more openly with everyone else that I am working with. A big thing I need to work on is coming out of my shell, and I hope that it is something I can accomplish during this internship.

As a part of this internship, we had to make the required goal statement. I’ve created my own goals, and Liz has told me what she wants me to accomplish too. After sitting with Liz and having this meeting, I think we are on a completely different chapter, summer being the last chapter in our book. It sort of feels like two steps forward, one step back. She developed trust in my ability for tasks that were low stakes, but now she is beginning to give me medium-stake level tasks, and I know I have to build that trust back. This creates a lot of anxiety and fear, but also excitement. I am beyond ready to start working professionally!

In general, I am settling in well, and I hope that everyone else is as well! Cheers to pumpkin spice, autumn weather, and new experiences! (P.S. who else is ready for Spooky Season?!)