Hi everyone! My name is Sallie Edwards. I am now in my second internship, at Kaleida Health in their corporate Human Resources office. Before this, I was an intern at Erie County Medical Center in their Human Resources office. I have worked for Kaleida full time over the summer and now work Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays due to my school schedule. Everyone has been so nice and welcoming and I was lucky enough to share the summer with another intern from Oswego who became my close friend throughout the process. I have learned that I enjoy the recruitment process of HR the most. My current internship at Kaleida focuses on me helping the most with recruitment. My responsibilities include helping with the on-boarding process, phone screening candidates, interviewing candidates, attending job fairs, etc. I look forward to working with new databases/software Kaleida uses and expanding my knowledge in the recruitment field, as there is still SO much to learn. I have been able to network a lot throughout this internship and I hope to keep doing that to expand my network. There are only 4 recruiters for almost all of Kaleida workers (except nurses/doctors) so you can imagine the workload on everyone. Due to only having 4 recruiters for many hospitals, there is always something for me to do. I have already learned so much from over the summer and I am excited to continue this great experience! #HR #Humanresources #KaleidaHealth #recruitment #networking #student #Canisiuscollege #internship #fall2019 #senior #jobfair #hospital