Yesterday was the last day of my internship at Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center and wrapping things up was bitter sweet to say the least. I have learned so much from each and every person who steps foot into that creative department. I have made friends and built relationships that will continue on past my time at Roswell.

Although there were not as many big projects happening in the second part of my time at Roswell. I was able to tag along and assist in many smaller ones that helped me sharpen my skills and become more knowledgeable in the “Why’s” and “Why nots” of each aspect of creating content.

Comparing myself as a videographer before Roswell versus after is almost incomparable. Each day I stepped foot into Roswell my confidence working with higher end equipment and my ability to tell a story through videography and photography increased exponentially.

I have also been able to add to my portfolio a significant amount of new content that I shot during my time at Roswell, which made the overall quality of it significantly better. (I’ll add a link below!)

I can not thank the people at Roswell enough, especially the ones who worked to help me day to day. Ben, who kept the whole place flowing efficiently and made sure every project was up to standards. Paul, who has so much knowledge in creating masterpieces from Adobe Premiere and Aftereffects. Tony, who was the brains behind the documentary side of the creative team and had the ability to whip up a good tear jerker. And many others who helped me along the way.

Thank you for an amazing summer, Roswell!