By: Eric Piotrowski

As my internship is shortly coming to a close I have enjoyed my time in the sports department with WIVB-TV. I learned how to stack a show from scratch and write scrips for the nightly news. It has helped my writing and adding more personality to it. I had to learn how to write like someone would speak, add diction in written text. A couple of weeks ago I was able to do a live stand-up at the Buffalo Sabres Development Camp and this weekend I will be doing a full sports show in studio. Thinking about my future, I am still comfortable chasing a sports reporting job. I am thankful for my time with WIVB-TV and everything that I have learned during my time there.

I look forward to taking everything that I have learned and applying it to the ESPN3 Broadcast here at Canisius as well as the Atlantic Hockey broadcast. Now that I know what producers look for in a sports reporter I will practice those areas during the college broadcasts and refine my skills.