My experience at Nichols School as an intern was a very mixed bag of emotions. I spent quite a bit of time helping with website and social media analyses of other schools they were in competition with, researched marketing tools they were looking into, and even did a write up of suggestions on how they can change and update their website when they change hosts for it. These were all projects I enjoyed quite a bit; I’ve always really enjoyed writing up content analyses.

That being said, I don’t feel like I really learned as much as I’d hoped about creating and executing marketing plans and strategies, or building and maintaining a brand, which was a goal I had for this internship.

Even though I didn’t achieve that goal, I did gain more insight as to which direction I want to go with this career after this experience. With advertising and marketing you can go one of two directions, working for an individual organization or working for an agency. I started this semester not really knowing which route I wanted to go, but after this experience I learned that going the route of working at an agency may be the right choice for me.