I am feeling a bit sad now that my internship at Local Edge is coming to an end. Local Edge is a company that builds websites and does rebranding for companies all over the world. I got to see the reality of working a normal 9-5. I got to see the ups the downs and the good and bad at my days at Local Edge. I am very thankful for this internship because it made me realize that I would not be able to function well at a 9-5. I have since made goals in my life that would require me being my own boss in my future !

Although Local Edge helped me to realize that I don’t think I’ll do well in a normal work setting, I did learn many other lessons from this company. To begin, I definitely got better at my graphic design craft. All throughout my internship, my supervisor, Kristen gave me projects and tasks to work on – logos and brand identity for some of their current clients. My logos were not used, of course, because it was just a project that she wanted me to do. The logo development projects definitely helped me to create some great things for my portfolio! Next, I got a little better at website development. Before coming to Local Edge, I was not the best at web design. Kirsten helped me with coding and website development that could benefit me in my future.

Local Edge was an amazing first internship that I would go back to if I had the time and the choice. I would honestly recommend this internship to individuals who are heavily interested in web development and web design. Although my focus was graphic design, they are all around better at web design. This was an amazing experience that I will never forget! I can say that I am somewhat prepared for the adult world now!