Recently, I attended the Association for Women and Men in Communications (AWMC) Networking event held at Shea’s Performing Arts Center. We got a wonderful, detailed tour and then talked to some people who work there. When we first got there, we got an introduction and quickly started learning about the history of Shea’s! It was so cool to understand Shea’s more than just a place for traveling shows. There is so much work put into keeping Shea’s up to date and looking beautiful it’s incredible. After our tour, we talked to a few individuals who work for Shea’s. There was someone from the marketing department, and two people from the leadership & development team at Shea’s… (technically 3 if you count Madeline!). Here they answered the questions we had, and they really explained their jobs and “everyday duties.” They were able to offer us some great advice and I learned a lot from them just explaining their roles. The two women on the Leadership Development Team are actually graduates from Canisius College and they majored in Communication Studies! It was nice that we could connect with them on Canisius classes, professors, and the Buffalo area. Overall, they really stressed taking a DMA class, even if it’s just one. This is because in their jobs today they are constantly making posters/advertisements/photoshopping, and the class helped tremendously. They also really stressed that as students we should take as many different classes as we can. We shouldn’t just stick with the ones were comfortable with…we should branch out and that’s when we find what we really like. I always knew Shea’s was breathtaking, but I never knew all the rich history about it, and all that goes into keeping Shea’s legacy alive.