The networking event I attended was the Griff Fair on March 28th in the Science Hall Commons. The Griff Fair was set up in a convention sort of way. Companies brought their things and set up a table where you could visit and explore about future employment opportunities or internship possibilities. I talked to the representatives of Townsquare Media (where I am interning now), Channel 4, Brockport College, Basil Jobs, and Pegula Entertainment. It was nice being able to talk to people from different companies in the media industry.

I also talked to a couple other businesses there like M&T to see if they had anything technology or media related, but to no avail. While it was rather frustrating with the small pool of people there I had interest in, it was a sort of refreshing feeling to know it’s not that easy. A lot of graduates I have talked to said they got a job right out of college, but when I questioned my friends/family and those in the Griff Center, they all said it took them a while to find a job. Having this sort of experience is something that I can build off of when furthering my search for a job, and is also one thing to keep in mind when getting myself out there.