Last month on March 28th, I went to the annual network event known as Griff Fair, hosted in Science Hall. Since I have been at Canisius I have only been to two of them; I definitely think this one was a lot bigger than the other.

There were well over 50 different employers and entrepreneurs in attendance. Each company/employer was set up at their own area with a sign representing their brand. The place was packed with students and alumni of all class years and majors. In addition to overall networking, there were a lot of employers there trying to recruit students for full and part time jobs and internships.

Because I already have a job set up once I graduate, I was a bit timid about talking. After I had a friend come over to get me going, I ended up meeting this really nice woman who was involved in sales. We spoke for a while and I actually learned a lot more about her than I intended. We kind of went off on rant about a lot of other things and I actually learned that she is really interested in fashion. That then led to us exchanging numbers and her giving me her card. I also ended up giving her a copy of my resume, just in case.