I attended the Griff Fair on March 28th, 2019 in Science Hall. The event hosted more than 70 different local companies. A lot of the tables set up were for students who have business majors, but there were some companies that were looking for students with qualifications that matched what applies to me as a journalism major. Channel 4 was one of the tables there, which is where I am currently interning. When visiting with them, I was advised that they were looking for students that would be interested in being a producer after graduation. She advised me to apply online, sooner than later, and to mention in my application that I am currently interning for the company. I also spoke with companies like Travelers Auto Insurance Inc., and I knew one of the guys at the table. His name is Jake Kehoe, and he told me to look into other career areas that the company offers, like sales. In addition to speaking with various employers, like Pegula Sports and Entertainment, I spoke with Kristina Kleeh from Just For Kids. From just conversing with her, she was able to give me contact information for an editor at the Amherst Bee, Scott Patterson. This type of networking is invaluable because it was the result of my willingness to speak with anyone to make those types of connections.