The internship I had at Townsquare Media was incredible and went above and beyond my expectations.

Larry and the Engineering team taught me IT skills that were critical to how the company computers run, as well as trouble shooting problems that came up. It got to the point were I learned enough that they felt they could leave me to go do something instead of them walking me through every process. I was also able to learn more about how a radio station works. I got to see how their Zetta software for the station works, as well as how the transmitters work. Throughout my time there I got to take apart countless computers, where Larry taught me each component, what it did, and then I put it all back together. That really helped me have a better understanding of how computers work.

Lastly I made connections with a lot of people at the station. Larry, Bill Dubiel, and Bill Stachowiak graciously offered to write a recommendation or be used as resources in the future if I ever need them. What I learned and retained at Townsquare Media will stick with me forever. The thing I got the most out of the internship was confirmation. As a graduating senior, often times I find myself second guessing if this is what I want to do given that my future is a blank slate. After working at Townsquare, I found that the passion I have for technology and the media industry got a jump start.

I would give the experience a solid 10/10. It was easy to get there using the metro for one thing, which is always good when going somewhere a lot. Whenever I went in for the day people seemed genuinely happy and there was a good workplace atmosphere. Lastly I learned a ton, and the things that I learned at this internship will carry on through the rest of my life.