I began my internship at Helm Experience and Design on Monday, January 14, 2019. Helm Experience and Design is an UX/UI design company in Buffalo New York and was founded by Canisius College Digital Media Arts Alumni. The days leading up to my first day were intimidating, but I prepared for the internship as much as possible. Some things they recommended I look into were Adobe XD, Bootstrap 4, Word press, Git/GitHub, Vue.js, and React Native. Considering the fact that these were all new topics for me I spent a lot of time researching and learning these tools. Knowing what I needed to learn a month in advance gave me the opportunity to get comfortable with each topic.

After settling in at Helm, the things I fell in love with right away were the people, my supervisor, and the work. There are eight employees who are all young, funny, and very helpful. A lot of the employees go far out of their way to help me. One of them even video chatted with me for about two hours going over stuff to help me with git and web developing. They are some of the most helpful, knowledgeable people I have ever met. My supervisor is also something I appreciate and admire Helm for. He seems a little quiet and laid back but he is smart with UX Design, marketing, and business. But most of all, I enjoy the work the most. They don’t give me small tasks or assignments just to keep me busy, but they try to give me interesting new topics to learn from on a week to week basis. The work is interesting, different, and new every time.

The main assignment I have been working on comprises wire framing a website and developing it with HTML, SCSS, and some JavaScript. The website is a super admin page for an application which allows the owner of the app to put data into the application. I can’t go into extreme detail because some work is confidential but you get the picture. Some other things I have been doing are creating designs for Lloyd’s, cleaning up Lloyd’s website, doing Q and A SPREADSHEET for websites, and much more. The tasks vary between design, development, testing, and prototyping. I am excited to be working at Helm Experience and Design and I am looking forward to the semester.