Howdy everyone, my name is Owen Shannon and I’m interning with Channel 2 news this semester. This is my first internship, and when I first started I was quite nervous. This is my first opportunity to be anywhere that I can actually see being a career.

My first day was the simplest, but also one of the best so far. I was able to shadow a reporter and photographer through a full story, all the way until it aired at 10p.m.

I have had a lot of other good experiences because it is really cool to be able to write web stories and just pick the brains of the people that work there. Above all else, my goal here is to be useful, and I am slowly working my way there. I’m starting to get more confidence to pitch stories, and researching stories for myself.

The main negative has been that there can be a lot of downtime for me. Because there are many times that I can’t be proactive and get work done, I have to wait for someone to tell me what I’m doing. It can get frustrating, but I try to make the best of that time by researching for story ideas. I have a feeling that I will firmly know whether I want to work in TV news by the end of this internship.