Hello everyone! I am excited to share that I have been interning at Step Out Buffalo in their Marketing Department. When I first applied for this internship I didn’t really know what to expect. However, now that I have started, I am excited to say that this internship has exceeded my expectations. If you are interested in Social Media Marketing, I’d highly recommend checking out this company!

My first day on the job, I worked at the Live Well Buffalo Festival, which is an event hosted by Step Out Buffalo. They gave me all of the login information to their Social Media accounts and let me highlight the events going on throughout the day on their Social Media pages. This sounds like it would be a very easy task, but there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes of each post. I was really excited that they trusted me from the get-go, but posting content for almost 50,000 people made me very nervous. However, this experience made me feel confident and comfortable when I officially started my internship at the office.

Over the past few weeks I have mainly been creating content to post on the Step Out Buffalo Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook. My favorite part is creating the Instagram stories because it allows me to get creative with my posts, and I get to learn about all of the events/restaurants in the area. Recently, I started working on assignments for the Step Out Buffalo Podcast and radio show with Kiss 98.5. Lastly, I was assigned my first article to write for the Step Out Buffalo website!

Besides creating content I also do a lot of behind the scenes work such as Guerrilla Marketing for their Facebook and Instagram. I try and get our name out to the community so I spend time inviting people to like/follow our pages. I also respond to comments and like our followers post who tag us or use #stepoutbuffalo. I’ve also started collecting data and creating reports for my supervisors. These weekly reports focus on our following on certain media outlets and the interactions we get on our posts.

Overall, I have had a very positive experience so far. As the semester continues we have some larger events planned that I know I’ll be working at/posting about on our Social Media. Don’t forget to follow @StepOutBuffalo!