For this networking assignment, I attended a “Lunch and Learn Session” with Mattia Lacagnina from People Inc. The event was held on Wednesday, November 14 in Old Main 219 and was organized by Shelia Pettigrew, the campus’s Employer Relations and Career Services Specialist. Because this event was held during lunch hour, the students that attended were provided with boxed lunches from Panera!

Miss Lacagnina told her story of how she started at Canisius College before finding her opportunity at People Inc. Then it opened up for questions from the students. There were about 15 students overall in the room with majors from across the board.

Here were some of the tips she made during this event:

  • Be a sponge and observe everything, whether in school or at your job
  • Say yes to everything but know your limits of when to put things aside and take a break
  • Before you submit your resume, be sure to check its formatting and to write it so that it is not written as “I did this…” for everything that you do
  • For emails, get to the point of what you are asking for. In this day and age, she said, no one is going to spend time reading a super long email.
  • In job interviews, look comfortable (ex: don’t lean over when talking), use your hands to explain what you are trying to say and – at the end of the interview – ask questions
  • Another major point with interviewing that she made was even if you don’t love or want the job, still go in for the interview. She said you never know what could happen.
  • And finally, Miss Lacagnina said to just keep trying. Eventually, one door will open if you keep persevering.


Overall, I thought this was a very beneficial event as – compared to big network events – this was a smaller, one-on-one interaction with someone who has and will continue to establish herself in the workforce. If she comes back to Canisius College, I recommend that others go hear what she has to say.