I attended the Association of Women and Men in Communications networking event this week and it was super helpful. I met a bunch of professionals from vary fields that had taken different paths to get to where they are now. I recognized 2 Canisius alumni that I had previously come in contact with form class and from working at the Griffin. It was comforting knowing that it is possible to enter the job market right out of College, especially when it is from the connections you make. One of the people I talked to, Kelsey Kurtz from Independent Health spoke about how she entered into the job she is now because of an internship she took while at Canisius. She just stuck by it and now she has been with their team for 4 years, I believe. Though I have not really considered working full time for any of the internships I have taken so far, mostly because they are freelance or volunteer oriented, it is encouraging me to look for paid or unpaid experiences in things I can be passionate about and one day work fully in it. One of the professionals whose job I found interesting was Josh Gumulak from AAF Buffalo. He did ask most of the question but from what he said about his job, it seemed like a good career to look into. This experience was profoundly useful and I can absolutely see myself reaching out to most of these people in the near future.