For my networking event, I attended a donor appreciation event held by Make-A-Wish. Although this event was for people from various businesses across Western New York who had made generous donations to Make-A-Wish, the staff at Make-A-Wish were kind enough to let me come to this event and gain this new experience.

At this event, I met a lot of amazing people who gave me some really great advice. One person I met was actually a volunteer with Make-A-Wish, who had also completed an internship there when she was in college. She went on to work for the American Red Cross, Multiple Sclerosis Society, and now does freelance consulting. When talking to her about my internship experience and plans for graduation, she recommended I look into a group that she used to be on the board of called YNPN Greater Buffalo that connects young nonprofit professionals. I looked into the group later that night, and found that the group really interests me! I would probably not have discovered this group if it weren’t for her mentioning it to me.

I also had a chance to talk to the creators of the 11 Day Power Play. I actually had talked to one of them previously for my informational interview, so it was really nice to see them both and learn even more about their event and the progress they have made as their event has been growing rapidly.

Overall, I am very glad and feel fortunate to have been able to attend this event and meet so many great people who gave me valuable advice.