Internship at BNMC:  Its my penultimate day at my internship. We are having a company monthly event called “Breakfast Blend.” There are bagels and new people, and companies are highlighted for their achievements, like a new hire or taking up new clients. Afterward we chat and enjoy. It was an amazing networking event, I talked to various people about what they do, and how the holiday is. One person; Brian from 43North has already emailed me, introducing me to a great head of a company. Networking works, it’s powerful, and it’s so easy to do over breakfast. You make a comment about bagels or Christmas and – BAM- you’re in the full swing.

As my internship comes to a close, I look back on my first day, and the weeks in-between, its been nothing but enjoyable, I meet movers and shakers everyday here, and have made connections that put me 10 rungs above where I thought I would be.

Back in the fall I had the option to work at paid-internship, or at this one. I decided this one at BNMC would be better, because of the people I could meet and where my career will be taken. I  recommend this route ten times over. Do not follow the money, but follow the people that are doing amazing things. It has been a great semester with BNMC and I am no longer dipping my toes in the water but have been fully submerged in this field of integrated marketing, branding, and creation.