As the final week of classes started I wanted to make it a point to try and be at Channel 4 as much as I possibly could, something I did not think would be the case at the beginning of the month.

I truly believe that I am a better reporter/journalist just from learning what goes in a sports department at a news station. I have skills coming out of this internship that I did not have before it began like editing, or writing for a newscast. I learned how just a friendly smile and simple conversation can help you when working with people you don’t see much, along with how important it is for developing relationships.

This was my first real experience working in a legitimate work environment considering I have only worked at a day camp my entire life. To know that I can be successful in it is a big confidence booster for not only my career but for the rest of my life in my personal interactions.

I have nothing but positives to say when it comes to my experience at the station; from the actual hands-on experience I had to the relationships I formed, it was all positive. I know the adult world is all about change and adapting to it but, if I had it my way I would probably be at the station for my Spring internship.

But, like I said, life is about change and I’m looking forward to what my internship next semester has in store and I know that the relationships I formed at Channel 4 won’t end because I’m not there anymore.